1. Awesome post!!!! personally i would spend the extra 30 dollars if you are traveling internationally. i have had to bad experiences the first one with American Airlines in China. i was flying from Baltimore (BWI) to Chicago (O'Hare) to China (Shang Hai) to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) When i arrived for my connection in china i was told i did not have a seat on the plane reserved and that the flight was full. American Airlines does not exist in that airport and i was told i had to buy another flight to Malaysia. (thank god it was only $40.00 because i was able to pay as if i was a chinese citizen). The other flight was from Washington DC to Houston,Texas to Lima,Peru. the flight to Lima was not a problem. But when returning, i was told i had to pay taxes leaving the country. ( a $30.00 in cash fee) I only had a credit card because my checking account did not have any money in it at the time for me to be able to use my ATM card at an ATM machine. anyway in doing so it would have cost me $30 dollars in international fees anyway. this is irresponsible of on my part only carryin a credit card but what ever, just telling you my experience. when making reservations with a travel agent this does 3 things. 1 it gives you someone to holdliable if something happens to you ticket and 2 another person to contact if something happens with your flight like i had in China. and 3 all fees will be covered or you can ask if there are any additional fees that you may incure arriving or leaving your destination. this is why i always use a travel agent for now on when i travel internationally. believe me $30 is alot of money when you are in another country. i had to go find someone to pick out something worth $30 in a store and allow me to buy it for them so they would give me $30. THIS WAS NOT FUN. i have never been so embarrased in all of my lifeTo know more click here